Mental Coaching

Optimize your performance through the use of sport psychology principles.
Are you struggling with weakened performance in high-pressure situations?
Have you experienced lack of motivation for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
Is it difficult to control your emotions while training or competing?
Do you often lose focus and get easily distracted during a sport performance?

Find solutions through mental coaching

Mental coaching is about recognizing the factors preventing the athlete to perform according to their highest potential, and together finding solutions suitable for each athlete based on their situation, strengths and challenges.

The techniques used in sport psychology include methods such as visualization, self-talk, emotional regulation and goal-setting, amongst others, aiming to help the athlete unlock their prime performance.

Mental training is a journey, not a destination. The more the client practises, the more they will see the difference in their performance and overall well-being.

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Scientifically proven benefits

Mental training supports both the physical training and its psychological aspects. The best sport performance is achieved by combining physical and mental training.

Low mood or concentration not only hinders the physical performance in training or competition but also affects continuity within a given sport. Mental training improves psychological variables like self-talk, self-concept, pre­-competitive anxiety, self-confidence, concentration and motivation, also leading to an increase in athletes’ personal wellbeing.

The risk of injury is always present at high-intensity training but mental training can also be used to help the recovery and to maintain continuous training, thus facilitating the athlete's return to the sport after the recovery.

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Helsinki, Finland