Michal Šimeček

From the age of 18, I worked as a tennis coach in Prague, Czech Republic where I also did my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of New York in Prague. For my Master's Degree I moved to Jyväskylä, Finland to join a new program focusing on the Psychology of Physical Activity, Health and Well-Being.

During my studies I got the offer to work at Barcelona Tennis Academy (BTA), Spain as a tennis coach and a sport psychologist. I spent three months in BTA doing daily group mental sessions as well as 1:1 mental training, pressure training drills and tennis coaching. 

Currently I work at Finland's biggest tennis academy, HVS-Tennis, as a tennis coach while having started my own business in sport psychology.  I am also working on projects to enhance sport psychology's availability to athletes with the Association of Sport Psychologists in the Czech Republic, and I am a part of the team responsible for bringing sport psychology into exercise routines of the general public in the Czech Republic. 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
  • Master's Degree in Psychology of Physical Activity, Health and Well-Being
  • Member of the Association of Sport Psychologists in the Czech Republic
  • Accredited Sport Psychologist of Mind Sports Club


"Tennis is a mental sport and training your mind is one of the most important aspects of the game. During my sessions, I’m able to put into words my thoughts and feelings from being on court. 

Michal and I discuss strategies and tools that strengthen my mental toughness and are helpful for dealing with emotions on court. Since I started working with Michal, I have seen improvements in my focus, my confidence, my self-talk, my body language, and the habitual strength of my rituals."
Stella Richardson 
– Junior athlete at the Tipsarevic Tennis Academy
"Michal was doing sport psychology training with my guidance in Barcelona. His involvement should have been learning and support but quickly all the technical staff saw that we had to take advantage of Michal's energy and ability. He was offered to join full time (this has never happened before).

He took over the coordination of a training team with juniors and ended up doing double the hours that had been assigned to him with enthusiasm and a lot of dedication. In 10 years as a trainee professor at the university, the best experience I've had without a doubt."
Oriol Mercadé Canals 
– Sport Psychologist and Professor of Sport Psychology
"Michal worked for me at the Barcelona Tennis Academy for about 3 months in 2022. He is very passionate about the game of tennis, a good player himself, who was a huge asset to the academy during the summer time, running mental training sessions for our players. His dedication to help each player on and off the court was remarkable. He would be a great addition to any tennis programs looking for a committed sport psychologist."
Raphael Maurer
– Owner of the Barcelona Tennis Academy

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