Find below the descriptions and prices of the offered services. All services can be provided either in English or in Czech. I hope to work with you soon!

Develop effective strategies for overcoming challenges such as performance anxiety. Fine-tune focus and concentration, learn techniques for faster recovery and injury prevention and overall optimize your mental state for peak performance. Uncover your personal strengths and weaknesses and learn to utilize mental skills like visualization, self-talk, stress management and goal setting.
  • Personalized individual sessions to develop effective strategies and enhance performance.
  • Frequency and length of sessions negotiable.
  • Free 30-minute consultation available, contact us!
Value added tax (VAT) of 24 % shall be added to the fixed hourly price.
Monthly invoicing.

Refine your mental skills in practice to improve focus, reduce anxiety and learn to stay composed under pressure. Gain immediate feedback and practical guidance in person to improve your performance. Experience pressure training in a controlled environment to learn how to handle your anxiety and apply the correct techniques at the right time.
  • Take control of your mental performance through pressure training and unlock your full potential.
  • All details negotiable.
  • Example video at the bottom of the page!
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Price shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis depending on the related costs. Value added tax (VAT) of 24 % shall be added to the price.
Invoicing beforehand.

Educational tool to gain knowledge on athletes' key mental skills.

Coaches: Develop strategies to foster resilience and focus and to optimize well-being. Gain insights into your athlete's mental state to better guide and motivate them.

Parents: Empower yourself to provide the emotional support needed for the child's success. 
  • Educational tool for coaches and parents to gain knowledge on how to help your athletes.
  • All details negotiable.
  • Unlock your athlete's full potential, get started now!
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Price for an online-session for one person. In other cases, price shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis. Value added tax (VAT) of 24 % shall be added to the price.
Invoicing beforehand.
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